Vi move

ViMove™ is a wireless sensor technology that can be used to measure a wide range of human movement.

Wearable motion and muscle activity sensors are used to record movement and this information is then transmitted directly to a computer for . This data provides visual, objective and easily interpreted information which our physiotherapist can use during an assessment to prescribe the most effective treatment option.

Our clients love to see how their bodies move on the screen, it gives them visual feedback on their problem area which helps them to understand more. They also find it very useful to see the difference in their body movement on reassessment after treatment, usually giving themselves a pat on the back for all their hard work doing their exercises.

ViMove™ Assessment Module.

Specific areas we can target include:Lower Back
• Knee
• Neck
• Hamstring
• Running – both treadmill and outdoors
• Functional

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