Triathlon Screening

Triathlon Screening - £150

Is your triathlon training contributing to your performance or is it actually contributing to an eventual injury? Are previous injuries or ongoing niggles limiting your training?

Every year athletes are forced to pull out of races due to injury. This is because the demand they placed on their joints, bones and soft tissues during increased intensity and volume of training exceeded the tissues capacity. So how do we prevent this from happening?

Pre season musculoskeletal and movement screening can identify any factors that may increase the risk of injury in the approaching season. Ideally it is performed before training commences or early in the pre season phase of training so that there is time to address any potential risk factors prior to commencement of competition. With the risk factors identified during this screening, a plan can be put in place to prevent injuries and maximise performance.

At one2one, our chartered physiotherapists Angharad Mason and Annie Williams have devised a triathlon specific screening assessment which looks at functional movement, muscle strength, flexibility, stability and biomechanics for the swim, bike and run. During the 2 hour screening our physiotherapist will carry out a musculoskeletal assessment, running/gait analysis and bike fit. Being triathletes themselves, Annie & Angharad are extremely knowledgeable of the sport and will endeavour to guide athletes as to the best plan of action based on the screening results.

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