Sports Taping

Sports taping is a taping technique that has gained popularity over recent years with professional sports people and is also used widely by therapists for symptom management of musculoskeletal conditions.

Apart from looking snazzy it can also relieve pain, support muscles and joints, encourage posture correction, and reduce swelling. It is waterproof and can stay in place for up to 4-5 days after application.

Optimum and effective results will only be obtained by applying the correct taping applications for your specific condition. How the tape affects the body is dependable on its use throughout the body and how it is applied, the direction, pull, the shape and location all play a role in its function. Our physiotherapists can teach you how to apply it correctly during your physiotherapy session or you may wish to book a separate appointment just for taping.

Rock tape is available to purchase at one2one in various colours.

To book in for sports taping please contact the clinic on 01656 652635.

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