Sports Massage

Sports massage is a specific deep tissue massage which is used to identify and correct imbalances in muscle length and tone, re-model scar tissue and improve the circulation and lymphatic flow in the treatment area.

It is used before a sporting event to prepare your body for exercise, enhancing your performance and reducing the risk of injury. After a sports event it can relieve aches and pains and shorten your recovery time. Not only can it be used as part of your rehabilitation after injury, but it can prevent injuries from occurring in the first place when used as part of a maintenance programme.

You don't have to be involved in sport to benefit from a sports massage. Most of us suffer with increased tension in our muscles through every day stresses such as work, driving, carrying children, using computers, laptops, tablets & mobile phones. This tension can build up and start to give you pain.

This pain can be localised to the muscle or it can be referred to other parts of your body (eg. tension in the neck and shoulders can refer pain into the head). Sports massage is very effective in the treatment and management of increased muscle tension so can be used by anyone suffering from it, at any age.

30 minute & 60 minute appointments are available with either one of our Chartered Physiotherapists or Massage Therapists. You may wish to bring or wear shorts to your appointment, however we do supply towels for covering up. Both male and female therapists are available. For more information contact the clinic on 01656 652635.

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