Physiotherapists are experts in body movement. They understand how muscles and joints work and why injuries occur.

At our Bridgend physiotherapy clinic, you will find chartered physiotherapists who are trained to a high clinical standard and have the skills, knowledge and experience to assess, diagnose and treat any musculoskeletal injury or condition.

Many of our team are also very experienced in providing specialist sports physiotherapy.

All our physiotherapists have a BSc (Hons) degree in physiotherapy with a minimum of 10 years experience working with a range of clients from Olympic and Commonwealth athletes to the older arthritic client.

They are all members of the CSP and are HPC registered which means you are guaranteed to see someone properly qualified who is governed by a professional code of conduct and is covered by professional liability insurance.

Our comprehensive team of experts pride themselves on their professionalism and the outstanding level of care they provide. They are passionate about their work and vow to treat our clients with the utmost respect and care, listening to their problems and goals, investing in their overall wellbeing and they dedicate themselves to ensuring our clients make a full recovery.

On your Initial assessment the physiotherapist will let you know what the problem/injury is, the best course of treatment for you, and how many sessions you are likely to need for a full recovery.

Your problem may only require some expert advice and exercises, or you may need to undergo a course of treatment designed to relieve pain and promote the body’s own natural healing.

Treatment sessions take place at our Bridgend Therapy Centre usually last 30 minutes and may involve manual therapy (hands on techniques such as soft tissue massage and joint mobilisations) acupuncture/dry needling, electrotherapy (compex, ultrasound) exercise prescription, sports taping, cupping, advice & education.



Frozen Shoulder - Book an appointment now

Headaches & Migraines - Book an appointment now

Groin Strains - Book appointment now

Shin splints - Book appointment now

Tennis Elbow - Book appointment now

Lower Back Pain - Book appointment now

Thigh Strain - Book appointment now

Patello-femoral pain (knee pain) - Book appointment now

Achillies pain- Book appointment now

Plantar Fascitis- Book appointment now

Ankle pain- Book appointment now

Cruciate Injury- Book appointment now

Repetitive Strain Injury- Book appointment now

Some of the common musculoskeletal conditions treated at One2One Therapy include:


30 Minutes @ £48.00
60 Minutes @ £96.00
5 sessions £216.00 ( Normally £240.00)
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