Online Physiotherapy Appointments

We realise online physiotherapy appointments may be a new concept for you but at one2one we have been
offering remote appointments online since before the coronavirus crisis.

Offering online physiotherapy appointments to support clients who didn’t have the time to come into the clinic either due to work or family commitments was our main motivation for initially launching this service and it also allows us to reach clients who are outside our normal catchment area. We are seeing clients across the UK and even overseas!

Many people will be suffering in pain and feel helpless because they’re unable to access their healthcare professional. Some people will already be in the middle of a course of treatment and be stagnant in their rehabilitation and recovery.

There is no need for any of you to miss out on your physiotherapy appointments, we are still able to give you expert advice remotely to assist your recovery.

What can you expect from a remote physiotherapy  appointment?

On making your physiotherapy appointment with our receptionist, you will be asked which method you prefer to be contacted on (Skype, Facetime, Zoom or WhatsApp). You will need to provide your contact details and make payment for your booking.

Your physiotherapist will call you at the time of your appointment and communicate with you face to face to discuss your symptoms and answer your questions.

They will collect information from you about your condition in the same way they would if they were to see you in person. Your physiotherapist will ask you to carry out movement and muscle tests which are appropriate for your condition, similar to those carried out during an appointment at the clinic.

Based on this assessment, our physiotherapist will use their skills and knowledge to diagnose and prescribe exercises, stretches and self massage techniques most appropriate for you. They will also give you lifestyle advice and suggest changes to your routine that will promote recovery and help ease your symptoms.

The benefit of online appointments is to  allow you to progress through your course of treatment and make sure your recovery is going as planned. Delaying contact with your physiotherapist will only delay your recovery.

We have no idea how long it will take for the coronavirus crisis to be over, therefore it is important to take ownership of your health during this challenging time.

Remember you are not alone, we are still here for you!

To book an online physiotherapy appointment contact one2one on 01656 652635 or
07305922156, email

Online Physiotherapy Appointment Reviews

My remote physiotherapy appointment was really helpful, and Angharad followed up with a video for me to refer to as well.  After recent shoulder surgery I had a panic when my hospital Physio was cancelled and my surgeon expressed concern that my range of movement wasn’t what it should be at this stage. I contacted One2One and the next day I had a Zoom appointment with Angharad, which has really put my mind at rest. We went through some moves together and she followed up with a video for me to refer to as well. Already my shoulder feels much better and I’m making great progress. Being able to still have this service has saved my recovery and will inevitably shorten my rehab time.

Sarah Birkett.

"Angharad was excellent in helping diagnose my injury and provide advice on how to recover.  I was very impressed with the video of exercises she sent that were specific to my needs and the follow up contact to check my progress was also valued.  As always, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend One2One Therapy and the online consultation is just another way to access their excellent service.  Thanks Angharad."

Jayne Gavaghan

We found the system you have adopted, in the absence of face to face consultation, to be excellent. An appointment was made very quickly, after my initial contact and Grace found it to be of great benefit to her. Grace spoke with Angharad, via WhatsApp, and was able to explain to her the discomfort she was experiencing. Grace was also able to show Angharad the site of the pain before Angharad gave her assessment of what might be causing the issue. Angharad then forwarded exercises to Grace, to carry out to help improve the pain. The advice and exercises has proved to be invaluable and Grace has seen improvements already.

We felt it was important to seek advice, from professionals, as not to exacerbate the problem for Grace. Grace found the experience to be very straightforward and beneficial in elevating some concerns she had regarding her physical health.

Sarah & Grace Morgan

It was good to have continued physiotherapy during the covid 19 crisis. While the 'virtual' consultation was new, being able to carry on getting expert advice and follow up was great. Annie was able to assess my progress and work out what I needed to do next during the video consultation. Rehab may be taking some time but it's still going in the right direction with her help

Annie Williams

The online physiotherapy appointment was extremely beneficial to me as a diagnostic appointment! Obviously its not the same as a hands on physio appointment, but during these hard times it is good to be able to have some professional advice on what exercises to be doing and to know whether it was a serious injury or not.

Thank you very much,

Gwilym John

Excellent Assessment, very thorough. Angharad was very Professional, quick intervention plan put in place for me exercises/advise for 5 - 7 days. Then a review.  Excellent Service.

Tracey Bryant

"I booked a remote physiotherapy consultation with Rhian after developing foot pain that wasn't getting better on its own. I've seen Rhian in person previously and she's always been fantastic - thanks to her and podiatrist Matt, I am now able to run consistently without developing the persistent shin splints I struggled with in the past.

The booking process was very quick and simple and I found the video consultation very useful - thanks to the video feed I was able to show Rhian exactly where I was having pain and she gave me a number of tips on how to manage this, as well as showing me several stretches and self-massage techniques I can perform at home. She took plenty of time to answer my questions and I don't feel like I missed out on very much at all compared to having an in-person consultation. The pain is gradually improving now and I feel reassured that I can get more expert advice if I need it in the future.

Thank you Rhian!"

Elena Partridge

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