Nutrition and Health Coaching

Getting the right balance of nutrients is one of the foundations of a healthy body and mind, for your today and your tomorrow. However, whilst, many of us are familiar with what healthy eating looks like, applying it, in a way that is easy, tasty, affordable, and part of your way of life can be much more difficult.

That is where nutrition coaching comes in. Flik, our Nutrition and Health Coach provides expert nutritional advice and guidance, alongside using coaching methodology to enable and empower individuals to apply the behavioural change for long term, sustainable change.

As part of the coaching process, Flik helps clients to identify their goals, provides food and physical activity diary analysis and recommendations for improved health and wellbeing. Flik can provide personalised meal plans and recipes and ongoing motivation and encouragement to support you to achieve your nutrition and lifestyle goals.

Here at One2One, Flik, hosts in person, specialist programmes for the transitions of pregnancy and postpartum, to empower mothers to be and new mothers to achieve optimal nutrition for themselves and their babies. Flik also offers one to one bespoke coaching, subject to availability.

For more information, you can find Flik on social media on Facebook and Instagram


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