Nutrition and Health Coach specializing in pregnancy and postpartum nutrition joins One2One

Felicitie Walls (Flik), a Nutrition and Health Coach specializing in pregnancy and postpartum nutrition joins One2One

We are excited to welcome, Flik, a qualified Nutrition and Health coach and the services she offers to the wider offering here at One2One Therapy

Flik is a qualified Nutrition and Health Coach, specialising in prenatal and postnatal nutritional guidance and coaching. She has been providing personalised individual coaching for over eight years and has supported groups and families to choose healthier and more active lifestyles. Flik has experience of working alongside dieticians in hospital, in community programmes and in people’s homes.

With her degree in Psychology, and extensive experience of coaching and mentoring, Flik brings her nutritional guidance to life, coaching people to make healthier choices. With an understanding of why and where people commonly struggle to make the changes that they know will help them, Flik can help move people forward towards improved nutrition and into a more energised and engaging future.

Flik is passionate about prenatal and postnatal nutrition, which has come into her personal focus, having recently grown two babies, Leo (age 2), and Noa (3 months). Flik shares that even with all of her knowledge as a Nutrition and Health Coach, she still faced the struggles that pregnancy and new motherhood can bring, but through her own transformation and learning, wants to support others on their special journey towards a more informed, empowered and energized pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

When Flik, is not wrangling with a toddler, nursing a baby, or supporting others on their nutrition and health journeys, she can be found hiding in the quietest spot of a soft play, enjoying the outdoors in all and any weathers or doing yoga in her pyjamas… quite often with a toddler on her head.

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