Mental Health Awareness Week: Beth’s Story

For Mental Health Awareness Week, our staff have been opening up and sharing their mental health stories. Yoga teacher Beth shares hers below:

Over the past 10 years yoga has been a massive part of my mental health journey.

Like many young girls and boys, from 14 years old I have struggled with an eating disorder and yoga has been a form of escapism and has given me the opportunity to feel I have more control over it.

Yoga was a form of physical activity that I could do that I actually felt helped my recovery rather than made me worse, I used yoga to turn off my mind and just listen to my body. It gave me the opportunity to switch off everything and just be at one with my body and reflect on what I was doing to myself and realise that I needed to change my mindset before it was too late.

I believe we practice yoga to prepare us for what life throws at us when we leave the mat.

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