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Knee Osteoarthritis clinics – Christian Lambert

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Osteoarthritis  (OA) is the most common form of arthritis, Knee OA is normally seen in adults over 50
who experience a painful and stiff knee at times. The pain may feel worse at the end of the day, or
when you move your knee, and it may improve when you rest. You might have some stiffness in the
morning, but this won’t usually last more than half an hour.

Management of Knee Osteoarthritis
It’s important to keep active and exercise your knee regularly. Stopping or reducing the amount of
exercise you do could cause your symptoms to deteriorate over time. A physiotherapist can advise
you on the best exercises to do, but you’ll need to build them into your daily routine to get the most
benefit from them.

At the One 2 One Knee OA clinic we offer expert advice on managing your knee
symptoms and offer the below treatments:

OA exercise classes
Weight loss – Reducing weight can reduce the strain on your knees
Steroid injections – Help pain control and allow return of normal activities
Hyaluronic acid injections (HA). This occurs naturally in the body and helps to lubricate
joints. These injections aren’t routinely available on the NHS

At One 2 One Knee OA clinic we offer all the above treatments along with specialist assessment
clinics to provide you with personalised advice on your options. We run arthritis exercise classes,
offer injections and also have a dietician available to discuss weight management.

If you have been diagnosed with Knee Osteoathritis or suffer from the above symptoms and wish to
seek further specialist advice, please book into one of our Knee Osteoarthritis clinics.

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