Jodie’s Story

I had a discectomy (surgery to remove the whole or part of an intervertebral disc) in August 2017 and my recovery was going really well. Out of nowhere my back “went” in the February of 2018.

I was gutted! I was admitted into hospital and stayed there for 4 nights on high meds with no change.

I was back on a waiting list for physiotherapy and knew I couldn’t wait. On my way home from hospital I phoned one2one and was booked in the following day with Angharad.

I hobbled into the clinic barely able to move and in absolute agony. I walked out half an hour later able to move more. I had one more session of physiotherapy then started pilates with Tina at one2one. That week, it was as if the ‘blip’ had never happened.

It’s been an amazing journey. I’m now strong. I never thought my back would be strong again, I’m probably the strongest I’ve ever been!Thank you one2one for all your help, guidance and introducing me to the BEST pilates class!

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