Happy News as one2one’s Rhian and Adam Get Engaged: Here’s their story

There was some excitement and some very happy news this week, as our sponsored athlete Adam Bowden proposed to our Clinic Director Rhian Davies.

As so many people have asked, and we all love a bit of romance, we asked Rhian to spill the beans and tell their story!

Rhian says:

“We actually first met in 2015 in Rio Maior, Portugal whilst on a summer training camp with British Triathlon – and I have to say, the moment I laid eyes on him, I knew he was the one. It may sound corny but ‘he had me at Hello!’ (well actually he said ‘awight’ in his Watford accent… but you get what I mean!)”

“I had been drafted in by British Triathlon to provide physiotherapy for their athletes mid camp so spent 5 days getting to know Adam. During this time I’d already started to message my friends back home telling them all about this amazing guy I’d met but couldn’t say anything to him because it would have been unprofessional. Little did I know that Adam was having similar conversations with his roommates!”

The budding friendship continued after our romantic duo returned home, as the couple kept in touch via text message, texting regularly for a few weeks. Both wanted to let each other know how they felt but neither did, until one morning, Practice Manager Tracy encouraged Rhian to speak up and send a message whilst at the clinic. Egged on by Tracy, Rhian finally plucked up the courage to let Adam know she liked him more than just friends. By the end of the working day, Rhian still hadn’t received a reply back. At this point she was regretting sending the message and blamed Tracy for making her do it.

Adam of course replied positively later that evening and they began chatting over the phone. Adam explained that he delayed his response because he wanted reassurance from his mum and sister as he had never dated anyone with children before.

Two months later they met in person and had their first date. Adam was living in Loughborough at the time so meeting up wasn’t easy. He drove to Wales for the evening and they went to Miller and Carter in Cardiff for steak & chips. They hit it off straight away and their long distance romance blossomed.

In Oct 2016, Adam relocated to Wales and they became a family of four which was a huge step for both of them. Rhian had been a single parent for six years and was unsure how her 2 young sons would respond.  Adam not only fell in love with Rhian but he fell in love with Harri & Rhys too. Rhian says :

“Adam is an incredibly supportive and loving step dad and I’m so grateful he has embraced the boys as his own.’

Adam thoroughly enjoys family life; a life which is totally different from his single athlete life back in Loughborough.

Helen Jenkins (MBE) Olympian & Double ITU world Triathlon Champion had recommended Rhian to British Triathlon to be the physio for that summer camp in Portugal – Rhian remains very grateful for the opportunity, not just to work at international level with the British team, but also for the life change. Rhian says

‘I would never have met Adam if it wasn’t for Helen – I have to thank her for introducing us and changing both our lives for the better! And of course, a big thank you to Tracy for giving me the courage to send that first text!”

The deal was sealed last weekend, when, after 5 years together, Adam proposed to Rhian on Valentines evening at home. They had just enjoyed a delicious M&S Valentines Meal deal when he got down on one knee and popped the question.

Adam and Rhian have no idea when the wedding will take place with all the current restrictions but both are excited and looking forward to it. Rhian says:

“It’s something wonderful to look forward to and start planning – and so nice to share the happy news with our wonderful clients, team members and friends.

Congratulations Adam and Rhian from everyone at one2one Therapy!

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