Gareth’s Story

I am a Managing Director of an engineering business. I travel abroad a great deal and always need to be on my “A” game 24/7. What has this got to do with physiotherapy you may well ask?

I was one of Rhian’s first ever private patients. I had a shoulder compression problem and could not get a shirt without help. It would have been an easy option for Rhian to treat me for a while and just get me mobile. To her credit I was sent straight to a surgeon who operated a week later. In my rehab Rhian would work in the gym with me and 4 months later I was able to do press ups in the surgeons office. He actually gave me a round of applause which should have been directed at my physiotherapist. It was the first, but not the last time, I heard other medical professionals say how good the One 2one staff are at what they do.

Some years later I was involved in a high speed car crash. It was not possible for me to even stand up straight or walk without pain, business travel was just not an option. This was a potentially career changing point for me. My gradual recovery took treatment every week over 12 months. It included manipulation, acupuncture, electrotherapy and sometimes just good old fashioned talking. Angharad at One2One was a model of patience and moral support that got me through it. When I eventually went back to golf I stood on the first tee, hit a ball and became very emotional. I never thought it would ever happen again and other than this story I am not sure if I ever expressed my thanks to my friend.

When my wife needed major surgery in 2017 the staff at the clinic were the first people to offer their support even if there was no treatment involved. They will always help you, offer guidance and encouragement.

Well if all that was not enough, I did not know what lay ahead. At this point please note I did suggest the clinic needed a new file server for my records !!

In 2018 I became very unwell with a Vitamin B deficiency and related anemia. You will now probably think “the clinic sells vitamins as well as treat people !” Well they do not, that bit is easy. They supported me and continue to support me with everything else. It is something I will never forget and its value far outweighs whatever was on the small invoice. I am reminded of the saying “we view the future standing on the shoulders of giants”. The ladies at the clinic may look petite but do not be deceived at all. They are really good athletes, have very sharp elbows, cold hands and can reduce a grown man to tears in minutes. Note – some of the tears are laughter, a great cure all.

If you only take one thing from my story – there are some very, very special people working at One2One. If they are on your team you can achieve anything. This is written by a soon to be 63 year old man who has just gone back to running after a 15 year layoff. This has only possible by the support of my friends. I salute them and commend them to you all.

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