Functional Strength

Hi Iam Abi, a Functional strength Coach who speicalises in injury prevention and postural correction. Posture plays a vital role in the way we move, sit, stand and perform our day to day tasks. Dr Donohue, a good friend of mine once said “Posture follows movement like a shadow”. This means that our posture molds to that of our predominate positions. This may not seem ominous, but how often to aches and pains creep up on us? So, I have spent the last decade educating myself and enhancing my skill set to help people MOVE BETTER! Ive created a Postural Correction Programme to help you get stronger, exercise with confidence and prevent injury for the long term. It’s a personalised plan that sets you off on a fitness journey that starts with increasing flexibility and ends with gaining and maintaining strength. It all beings with an evaluation. Book your evaluation at One2One therapy.

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The Postural Evaluation What is it?
Golf Posture Programme
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