Functional Strength with Abi.

Strength Class for beginners (injury prevention, move better)
10 week course
Introduction to strength orientated exercise.
Learn how to do fundamental movements effectively. (Squat, deadlift, push up, etc…)
After the course, patients would be recommended to follow up with myself for personalised
strength sessions.
The course would recycle after the 10 weeks for a new set of patients.

Each class = £7.50 each
Pack of 10, paid up front= £67.50 (10% discount)
Min of 9 participates per course.

Who is it for?
Patients that are finishing treatment.
Patients should have an adequate amount of flexibility e.g can pelvic tilt. (more suitable for
mobility class). This is ideal.
Out of pain but just looking to prevent injury.
No one with absolute contraindications to exercise, they must be cleared to exercise by their
healthcare professional.
Anyone who wants to get more comfortable in the gym.
Anyone who wants to move better.

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