Feeling ‘stuck’? How to get your energy (and your life) moving again.

We all get moments in our lives where we feel stuck.

Making changes can be scary – so scary, in fact they can sometimes cause us to be stuck in life.  As we move forward from being ‘stuck’ in lockdown, it’s a good time to talk about getting ‘unstuck’ from other roadblocks in our lives.

Often we know a situation or habit isn’t working for us, but we choose to stay through fear because we don’t see the whole path. 

Here’s just a few examples:

  • We hate our job, we look at job ads but never apply for anything new
  • we want to move house, look at brochures but never go and see a property ‘in case it’s the wrong one’
  • we plan to start exercising or start a diet but fail at the first hurdle 

We dream of change but our thought patterns are fear-based – we fear change deep down and the pattern keeps us ‘stuck’.

Here’s our tips for getting unstuck: 

Fear is a powerful emotion, so start out with something less scary. Try breaking the big goal down into smaller, more positive steps and start out by exploring what opportunities are available first, and practice – if you practice, you’ll stand a better chance of succeeding and you won’t be so scared – here’s some steps to take:

  • work on your CV and apply for a job – but apply for one you don’t want, just for interview experience – you don’t have to take the job!
  • go and view a house, any house, and get a valuation on yours – you don’t necessarily have to buy it, just get comfortable with having a look and exploring properties!
  •  With exercise, if you can’t run, start by walking.  If all you can reach is the end of the street, that’s great, you did something, praise yourself and walk a step further tomorrow.  
  • With diet, rather than cutting out ‘naughty’ food, and ‘going on a diet’ (which may feel like sacrifice) think positively and increase the amount of fruit, salad and vegetables you eat, try ADDING rather than taking away, so you overcome any deep seated fears.

Use the opportunity of moving out of lockdown to get your life moving again. You can do it – so do it.  Take that first step and soon you’ll be reaching your goals.

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