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About one2one

At One2One Therapy, our mission is to provide quality healthcare with a personal touch, making it accessible and affordable for all. As the proud owner, Tracy Harris, brings a decade of experience and a commitment to excellence. Our goal is to eliminate long waiting lists, ensuring that individuals from all walks of life can benefit from our services.

Tracy's vision is rooted in kindness, with a dedicated team of experienced practitioners who understand the importance of a welcoming environment. At our clinic, every client is met with a smiling face and a commitment to delivering outstanding service.

Our team is more than just professionals; we are a family of like-minded individuals who genuinely care about our clients. Going above and beyond is not just a commitment, but a reputation we've earned. 

One2One Therapy is not just a clinic; it's a place where compassion, expertise, and exceptional care come together for the well-being of our community. Join us on this journey towards a healthier, happier life.

The History of One2One Therapy

Founded by Rhian Bowden in 2004, one2one started its journey from a minute, windowless room, arguably a glorified cupboard, at Esporta Bridgend. Since then, with Rhian’s direction and passion and the overwhelming support from her family, friends and dedicated team, one2one has flourished from strength to strength and steadily grown into the multidisciplinary health & wellness clinic you see today.

Rhian's vision was to provide a place where the local community could access a centre of excellence for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions; it’s foundation being centred around care, compassion and understanding. Rhian understood how important it was to provide a holistic approach to healthcare to give our clients the optimum chance of a full recovery; to live a happy, fulfilling active life. The clinic you see today is very different from that windowless room and that is thanks to Rhian’s hard work and determination.

After dedicating 19 years to one2one, Rhian decided to focus solely on her clients and give up the responsibility of being a business owner. The baton was passed to Tracy Harris (previously our Practice Manager) who took over as Owner in September 2022. Having worked very closely with Rhian for over ten years, Tracy understood Rhian’s vision and wanted to provide an excellent healthcare service for our loyal and committed clients and the wider community. Tracy is passionate about her job and really cares about our one2one team and it’s clients; it really was the best possible outcome for the sale of the business.

With the support of our committed and passionate one2one team, Tracy would like to take the clinic to the next level. The goal is to promote health & wellness through quality care for people in all walks of life, helping clients to overcome personal challenges and encouraging a healthy & happy lifestyle.

Tracy believes that we should all have access to a high standard of healthcare that is patient focussed, affordable, accommodating, without the long waiting lists. With this in mind; sharing Rhian’s vision and passion, Tracy hopes to expand our healthcare services to enable easy access to healthcare professionals for a wide range of conditions (not just musculoskeletal) to provide the best possible service for our clients going forward.

Currently we have a team that consists of:-

Together, we aim to achieve your goals and improve your health and wellbeing for a happy, active life.

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