What is ViMove™?

ViMove™ is a wireless sensor technology that can be used to measure a wide range of human movement.


Wearable motion and muscle activity sensors are used to record movement and this information is then transmitted directly to a computer for analysis.


This data provides visual, objective and easily interpreted information which our physiotherapist can use during your assessment to prescribe the most effective treatment option for you.

ViMove™ Assessment Modules

A range of injury specific assessment modules allow us at One2One Therapy to make accurate and detailed diagnosis of your problem.


Our experienced team are able to use this feedback in the creation of tailored rehabilitation plans to help put you on the fastest road to pain relief and recovery.


Specific areas we can target include:


• Lower Back
• Knee
• Neck
• Hamstring
• Running
• Functional



To book an appointment at the clinic call 01656 652635 or email

In a recent randomized controlled trial, patients treated with ViMove™ for ten weeks were more than 3x more likely to have clinically important improvements (>30% over baseline), in reduced back pain and 2.5x more likely to have clinically important improvements in activity limitation vs patients treated with guidelines based care at 12 months.



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